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Permian High-flying Pigeons

Pedigree characteristics (standard)

General view - the pigeon of average size (the general length of 32-34 sm), a proportional structure. The body strong, the streamline form, with well developed muscles. Carriage is low on short unfledged legs. Standing has a slope aside a tail. Feathering smooth, dense without feather's ornaments. Feathers in a tail and wings are rigid enough, in a tail are wide. The pigeon looks good flyer.

Head - is of average size, moderately wide (the greatest width on a line of eyes). Female has the slightly oblong one. Male has the rounded one. The structure of a head develops of three parts: a forehead, crown, a nape which are combined among themselves by one smooth line.

Forehead - is wide, well expressed. Male has the slightly convex one. Female has the less convex one. Forehead going down to a beak with a small bend.

Crown - has poorly expressed plane. Female has the plane with a bias aside a nape. Male has the more oval one.

Nape - is short, arciform, passing in a neck.

Beak - is average size (16-18 mm), of light color, densely closed. Maxilla slightly overhangs on mandible. The tip of maxilla can be black color (at pigeons with feathering of black color) and slightly dark blue color (at pigeons with other color of feathering). Mandible is combined with a throat in the form of a small arch and by a smooth line it is interfaced to a neck.

Cere - is small, oblong, of white color, skintight to a beak. Cere of pigeons in the age of from 3th years is slightly increased.

Eyes - is small, expressive, slightly convex, dark, almost black. At one-colour (except for white) an iris of the eye straw or hardly reddish color.

Eyelids - is narrow, white or pink (corporal) color. Eyelids of old pigeons is slightly increased.

Neck - is average stoutness and length, straight, more thin at a head , expands to shoulders and smoothly passes in a breast and a dorsum.

Breast - with good developed muscles, is raised upwards, slightly pushed forward. Kiel is a straight and slightly oblong.

Dorsum - is straight, enough wide in shoulders, is narrowed to a tail, passes down under a small corner and directly passes in a tail.

Wings - is long. Flight is not wide and densely closed. Wings lay on a tail, the ends a little do not get tail's end, but do not adjoin among themselves.

Tail - is not wide, has the form of a rectangle, is densely collected from 12 wide elastic feathers, with a dorsum forms a direct line.

Legs - is short (3-4 sm), medium-powerful structures. The metatarsus and fingers is unfledged and of crimson color. The claws of light color.

Figure and color - of the Perm pigeons can be various. Figure should be symmetric and have a precise outline of a contour. The color feathering of figure can be black, red, yellow, blue (grey). There are one-colour pigeons white, yellow, red, black. Painting of color feathering should be bright.

The name of the Permian pigeons occurs from their figure or color of one-colour pigeons.


Permian High-flying Maned Pigeon

The white pigeon with a color spot on a back part of a neck. Color figure begins on 1-2 sm below a nape, passes on a neck, not coming forward for its middle, extends to shoulders up to the basis of a neck, not coming on shoulders scute, and in the form of a cone covers the top part of a dorsum, terminates in the form of a corner, semi-oval or dovetail.


Permian High-flying Mottled Pigeon

The feathering of the pigeon head is white. Color figure on a back part of a neck begins approximately on 1-2 sm below a nape, covers a neck, forms a white shirtfront up to 3 sm on a throat, sinks on a breast and a dorsum, covering the top part of a dorsum, a neck, a breast up to belly, covert feathers of a wing (scutes) and secondary wing feathers. There are 8-10 primary wing feathers in the each wing. A tail, uropygium, subcaudal and belly is white.


Permian High-flying Solid Pigeon

Feathering of these pigeons of one color (white, yellow, red, black) without shades and presence of feathers of other color. Color of feathering is bright with shine and tints on a neck.

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