The Lublino Dovecote

Chistopolian High-flying Pigeons

Pedigree characteristics (standard)

General view - the body of the average size. Standing is horizontal. The breast is strongly developed. Carriage is low on short unfledged legs.

Neck - is short, smoothly passing in a wide breast.

Head - is small, round, without "forelock", with a high forehead.

Eyes - of dark-cherry color set in white eyelids.

Beak - of the average size, is thin, fit well into the form of a head.

Tail - is collected of 12 wide feathers or more.

Wings - is dense, lay on a tail.

Legs - is short. The metatarsus and fingers is unfledged

Special requirements to colour of pigeons do not show. The most settled colours: white, maned, sideways, "collars". Seldom meet pure-dark blue, black and white-winged. Distinctive feature chistopolian pigeons is presence at separate individuals "stake" on a rump and "cocardes" on a forehead of one color with "mane".

The name of the Chistopolian pigeons occurs from their figure or color of one-colour pigeons.


Chistopolian High-flying Maned Pigeon

The white pigeon with a color spot on a back part of a neck. Color figure begins on 1-2 sm below a nape, passes on a neck, not coming forward for its middle, extends to shoulders up to the basis of a neck, not coming on shoulders scute, and in the form of a cone covers the top part of a dorsum, terminates in the form of a corner, semi-oval or dovetail.


Chistopolian High-flying Solid Pigeon

Feathering of these pigeons of one color (white, yellow, red, black) without shades and presence of feathers of other color. Color of feathering is bright with shine and tints on a neck.

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